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World In Need

World In Need International is a UK based charity formed in 1991, as a response to the plight of the Kurdish people in Iraq who had been gassed by Saddam Hussein. We seek to help communities around the world through aid, education and trade. The founders had had extensive experience in other lands. However, this new work was a turning point in that we felt that local people could and should be empowered to do the work of aid and development themselves. WIN has gone onto partnership with local institutions and churches in some 22 countries to empower local people. Each partner joins the organisation as independently registered and run, but agreeing to a number of accountability and policy standards. Ron George, the International Director who has over 40 years experience in overseas operations, assists fields that are partners to identify further goals and shares these with funding partners to help bring vision and resources together. So far we have responded to emergency aid with the Kurds, which has grown into a widow’s violin making centre, child sponsorships and home building. In Baghdad we also run a child sponsorship programme, offering children schooling and regular food. We have partnered the building of a children’s home in Delhi for slum children who are now excelling in their academic work. In Nigeria we have assisted in training women in cultivation of herbs for commercial work, and the Project Leader, Tope, runs a bookshop using profits to support the work with street children. Also in Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone HIV awareness training is taught and self-sustainability projects developed. For example, In Burkina Faso, our project leader James Peter has given micro loans to women with HIV to start Shea Butter Nut businesses, In Afghanistan, we have established, in partnership with Jihane Niazmand, an Afghani NGO, a Carpet Weaving Training Centre for widows who will then be able to use their skills to become self-sufficient. The women also provided with literacy classes and medical care as part of the support. World In Need operates either as a partner to an existing NGO such as the Alkhaimah Association in Israel or Jihane Niazmand in Afghanistan, or as a WIN sub branch such as World In Need Kenya or The Philippines. Our aims are to support the development of long term self sustainable projects and to enable people to make decisions about their own future.



 World In Need P.O.Box 109 Crowborough

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The Olive Branch Institute


The Olive Branch Institute is proud to be a partner with Alkhaimah: Association for Education and Development in working to do community development. We are proud to come alongside this professional organization to assist in development and education of Bedouin and Arab youth. This is a prime example of how Jews and Arabs can come together to make this country better for all of our peoples. The Olive Branch Institute is a charitable non-profit corporation that exists for the purpose of promoting the cultures and languages of the peoples in the Near East and to foster co-existence among these historic peoples. This organization is designed to promote appreciation for diversity and multi-cultural awareness in Israel among Jews, Arabs, refugees and foreign workers. We are not about broad political changes or movements and do not endorse any side, party, or individual in the Israeli political scene. The Olive Branch Institute is a non- governmental organization that is seeking to make a difference by various acts of kindness, some large and some small, but all with the purpose of doing good to all, without regard to race or religion. The Olive Branch Institute is committed to combating anti-Semitism, anti-Arabism, and anti-American propaganda by fostering individual one-on-one interaction between the different groups through different avenues such as education and outreach.



Olive Branch Institute P.O.Box 62722 Cincinnati, OH 45262

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