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Mission Statement

Alkhaimah believes that education is the backbone of Community Development.

The aim of the organization is to strengthen the education and giving the younger generation tools to lead the community to a better life, improving both decision-making and social infrastructure for Bedouin women. At the same time Alkhaimah wants to keep the elderly generation’s respect for the Bedouin tradition and culture so that the younger generation will not forget their origin and history. 



To strengthen the education among children, particularly among girls.
To encourage more women to take the lead in the community .
To promote equal rights for women and men in the Bedouin community.
To empower the Bedouin community in aspect of education, rights, infrastructure.
To strengthen the presence and social activities of the Bedouin community.
To increase visibility of the Bedouin community in the Israeli Society and other social networks.
To build an academic cadre in the Bedouin community.
To network and build an overall strategy with other organizations working for the Bedouin community.


Work Areas

  • Educational Empowerment
  • Strengthening of social values
  • Social and economic rights
  • Health and environment
  • Local  advocacy
  • Networking and planning of overall strategy with the other organizations


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