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Girls’ Educational Empowerment Project

In order to empower girls in the Bedouin community, Alkhaimah established Community Learning Centers where the majority is girlsattending various workshops and receiving help with homework. Alkhaimah is committed to encouraging the girls to actively participate in the Learning Center,due to the belief in promoting girls as agents of change. The pupils who are currently participating in the Learning Center’s activities attend two hours per day (after school) from Sunday to Thursday. At the Center, they receive help with their daily homework and participate in workshops, some with the goal of strengthening the children’s inter-personal communication skills and self-confidence. Other workshops strengthen the pupils in aspects of personality and education. The Center alsoemploys a Nurse who holds workshops focusing on Physical Development and Sexual Harassment, crucial to raising their awareness on the consequences of early-marriage. 

Activities in the Learning Center:

Classes/Homework assistance in Arabic, Hebrew, Mathematics and English.


Workshops focusing on: Communication, Self-Confidence and Personality          Development, Girls’ Rights, Physical Development & Sexual Harassment.

Social activities include playing games, Soccer, writing, drawing, and reading.


There is a library in the Learning Center, encouraging the children to borrow books and raising literacy.


There are computers which the children can use for school work, and access to the internet.


Summer Camp (arranged during the month of July).


Excursions (six times a year, the children take a trip to areas outside the city where they live).

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